A healthy pregnancy is about more than just eating right, staying active and keeping doctor’s appointments. How you treat your baby bump during pregnancy also has a lot to do with it! While it may be difficult to truly connect with your unborn child, there are plenty of ways to reinforce a healthy baby and a happier you! - Read More

Eating well balanced and nutritional meals is important at all times, but even more so during pregnancy. Most foods and beverages are safe, but there are a few that could be dangerous to the health of you and your baby.

Fish High in Mercury

Mercury consumed during pregnancy has been linked to developmental delays and brain damage. Examples of fish high in mercury include:

  • Sushi
  • Swordfish
  • King Mackerel
  • Canned Tuna
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Getting to the hospital during labor is stressful enough. If you're placing your baby for adoption, you will have other preparations to think about as well. Be prepared and pack your hospital bag a month or two before your due date. That way you won't be scrambling to find what you need when your water breaks! - Read More