Please read the below terms of use carefully before using AdoptList. These terms of use contain important information about your legal rights while using AdoptList, including but not limited to limitations and exclusions.

AdoptList provides online marketing & advertising services that give Adoptive Parents the opportunity to showcase their adoptive parent profile online. AdoptList is meant to be used as a bonus marketing outlet in addition to the adoption facilitator or adoption agency you are currently working with. Birthparents can view these profiles to assist them in selecting Adoptive Parents for their child. AdoptList does not connect Birthparents with Adoptive Parents and is not an adoption facilitator, adoption agency or a law firm.

AdoptList and its users assume and trust that all information provided by AdoptiveParents is correct and true. We DO NOT perform background checks on Birthparents or Adoptive Parents who use AdoptList.

Adoptive Parents can showcase their adoptive parent profile on AdoptList to be viewed by prospective Birthparents by selecting from two (2) service plans. In order to qualify for participation in AdoptList services, Adoptive Parents must:

  1. Agree to AdoptList’s Terms of Use
  2. Understand that AdoptList IS NOT and WILL NOT become an adoption facilitator, licensed adoption agency or law firm, and Birthparents and Adoptive Parents who use this service will obtain the services of a qualified adoption agency, attorney, or other appropriately licensed adoption professional before proceeding with an adoption plan.
  3. Complete a home study prepared by an agency or licensed social worker according to the laws of the state in which the Adoptive Parents reside.
  4. Complete all other legal requirements associated with adoption under the laws of the state in which they reside so that Birthparents can be certain that you will be capable of successfully completing an adoption plan if chosen to adopt by said Birthparents.

Adoptive Parents agree to pay AdoptList its fee(s), as set forth in the Join ( section of our website. If the payment fails, your account may be suspended or canceled until payment is received.


  1. AdoptList is not an adoption agency, law firm or adoption facilitator. AdoptList does not practice law or provide legal advice of any kind. The the goal and services provided by AdoptList are for advertising purposes only and there are no representations or warranties regarding the honesty, integruty or truthfullness of anyone that contacts you through AdoptList services.
  2. AdoptList performs ZERO background checks on the Birthparents or Adoptive Parents who use this service.
  3. AdoptList does not and will not participate in connecting Birthparents with Adoptive Parents.
  4. AdoptList does not guarantee that either the Adoptive Parents or Birthparents are who they say they are, that any information they provide is honest or true, that Adoptive Parents are eligible to adopt, or that Birthparents can or will place any child with an Adoptive Family.