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How do I give my baby up for adoption?

This is one the most common questions we hear. First and foremost, adoption is not giving up. It is a selfless act of love. When an expectant mother is considering adoption for her child, it is much more than just “placing a baby for adoption.” It is a lifelong commitment that requires courage and sacrifice. The first step is contacting the adoption facilitator of your choice. They will guide you to an array of resources, including but not limited to, helping you choose an adoptive family, connecting you with an adoption attorney in your area, and offering unlimited guidance and support. From there you will proceed in creating an adoption plan which details whether the adoption is open or closed and whether or not the adoptive family will be present for the birth.

What is the difference between open adoption and closed adoption?

Open and closed adoption are distinguished by their varying levels of ongoing contact after the adoption is complete. In open adoption, there is direct ongoing contact between the child and the birth family. There are many variations of an open adoption. For some, open adoption means in person visits a few times a year. For others, phone calls and emails replace face to face contact. Some open adoptions can even be as simple as exchanging text messages. A closed adoption is the exact opposite. The adoption is kept completely anonymous and zero identifying information is exchanged between the birth and adoptive families.

What adoption services are available to me?

Counseling, face-to-face meetings, access to an adoption attorney in your area, and connecting you with an adoptive family of your choice are all services that we provide for free. Free assistance with living expenses, housing, and other pregnancy related needs is also available.

How much does it cost to place a baby for adoption?

Nothing. Our adoption services are 100% free for all birthmothers considering adoption.

Why choose adoption?

There is no single reason to choose adoption, nor will we ever persuade you to make that choice. Many women come to us because they love their child and realize they are not ready to be the type of parent they know their child deserves. Others have their own unique circumstances that would make parenting difficult, such as lack of support from family, a birthfather who is not present, financial concerns or being a part of an abusive relationship. Each reason is valid, and the staff at Adoptlist understands you only want the best for your child.

How are adoptive families screened?

All of our adoptive families have met state licensing standards. Each family is required to undergo something called a “home study” which is a thorough evaluation of the family’s home and lifestyle.

Do I get to choose the adoptive family?

Yes. We encourage all birthmothers to browse our adoptive family profiles. If you see a family you like, your adoption coordinator can set up an initial meeting.

Can I choose an adoptive family from another state?

Absolutely. Our adoptive families are located all over the country. If you choose an adoptive family from another state, your adoption coordinator will assist in scheduling further communication and visits (if desired).