Dear Birthmom

Dear Expectant Mother,

We have never met you, and yet we love you. There are moments when life has a way of revealing the profound interconnectedness of humans. Our connection right now, through this child, must be one of those moments. This must be a moment of a forever bond established. And that really is something…to be forever joined through the life of another. Certainly it is a relationship to eternally honor.

Should you choose us, here is our promise to you.

To love this child unconditionally;
To support their interests, passions, and dreams;
To instill within them an unwavering sense of self, confidence, grit, and determination;
To impart courage, resourcefulness, independence, and integrity;
To model for them empathy, kindness, and commitment to community; and
To honor you always as central to their life and to our growing family.
We promise to provide opportunities to learn and ask questions;
To create space to play, imagine, and explore; and
To introduce them to new experiences and diverse perspectives.
We promise to envelop them in the love of family;
To build the foundation of a strong and happy home;
To walk beside them as they grow and learn through the years;
To cheer them on as they step out into the world on their own;
To be there, forever, when they need support and encouragement; and
To always love them with our whole heart.

Thank you for considering us to raise this amazing, beautiful child.

With love and gratitude,
Whitney & Jason

Our Story

Outgoing and affectionate, we met as college sophomores, just weeks after Jason returned from military service in Iraq. We married soon after graduating from college, while Whitney attended law school. We are hardworking and family oriented and enjoy traveling together with our son. Recently, we purchased a camping RV. Jason is a national vice president for a company that manufacturers accessibility equipment for people with disabilities. He was raised on a cattle ranch in Montana and is a former award-winning documentary journalist. He is a self-taught handyman, amateur cook, and movie buff. Whitney is creative, resilient, and high-spirited. In her work, she serves families of children with disabilities. She is a published author, speaker, and activist who serves on several nonprofit boards and committees. Our home is filled with music and dancing, books, and art, but mostly it is filled with deep love and commitment to each other.

 Our Extended Family

Oma R: A former kindergarten teacher and artist who is the most involved grandmother you will ever meet

Grandpa J: A first-generation college graduate who teaches everyone around him the meaning of hard work, dedication, and love for family

Auntie J: A former All-American college athlete and professional basketball player who now mentors collegiate-level female athletes

Uncle J: A small business owner and tech entrepreneur who married Auntie J in 2017

Uncle K: A former gamer turned tech wizard and a current graduate student studying computer network cybersecurity

Grandma M: A free-spirited child of Woodstock, massage therapist, and kind-hearted caregiver to her own mother

Grandpa R: A traditional cattle rancher who works his family’s original homestead under the “Big Skies” of Montana

Uncle B: A talented, multi-instrument musician, airplane technician, and pilot

In addition, we both come from large families with many close cousins, aunts and uncles, and their growing families as well as two living great-grandparents.

 Our Home

Home is a suburban neighborhood in a large, metropolitan region, where we enjoy a tight-knit community along with the excitement of the city. Located in a wonderful school district, our ranch-style home is within walking distance of our neighborhood elementary school. Our home is warm and open, and natural light pours in from all directions. We enjoy filling our walls with bold, colorful artwork. A large window in our front living room is a dream space for a Christmas tree, and a family game table sits in the corner, ready for action. Our front yard is enclosed by a white picket fence. Our backyard is a family oasis, with a swing set, playhouse, garden beds, BBQ, and ample play space for our dogs, Neptune and Marmalade.

 Our Journey to Adoption

We were married in 2009 and always considered adoption a beautiful way to welcome children into a family. We wanted a large family and dreamed of busy schedules and boisterous family dinners. We have a large support network and so much love to give, and we wanted to create a family built on that love. We tried for years to conceive a child, and it never happened. At least, not until 2018, when our son arrived following the most wonderful surprise pregnancy. After another two years of trying for a second child and two lost pregnancies, we decided the signs were pushing us again in the direction of adoption. Growing our family through the adoption process has always been a dream.

 Fun Facts

About Whitney

J.D. Law, LL.M. International Law, M.S. Ecology
Favorite Hobby
Favorite Sport
Favorite Music Group
John Mellencamp
Favorite TV Show
Favorite Tradition
Volunteering on Thanksgiving

About Jason

B.A. Journalism
Favorite Hobby
Favorite Sport
Favorite Music Group
James Taylor
Favorite TV Show
Favorite Tradition
Pancake Sundays

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