Dear Birthmom

Dear Expectant Mother,

I try to imagine the life you have envisioned for your child while I search for the words to reassure you and paint a picture of what I believe an amazing childhood would look like. In my painting, I see a baby who has become the foundation of a family and who we will always promise to protect, nurture, love unconditionally, and develop into a person of great character, integrity, and compassion for others. I will love this baby all the days of my life, and when he or she is ready to know their story, I will be an open book.

I am so thankful to be considered for this gift you are bestowing, and I truly hope you know your child will change and immensely enrich my life and those around me! I will provide a life of opportunity and stability and a home filled with enough love to fill the ocean. I value a life of fun, silliness, and adventure! My days will consist of teaching my child how to enjoy life and not take life too seriously, to be proud of who they are, and to discover who they are while doing what they love.

My Story

I find myself to be a creative person, and I often express this through arts, crafts, designing, and photography. My experience in photography stemmed from my love of creating and of capturing that creativity. I am also quite adventurous. Music is always playing around my place! Flowers are being planted, vegetables are being grown, long walks are taken in the afternoon for exercise, and new projects are always taken on. I am very independent, love being among friends and family, and am a great listener!

 My Extended Family

I have a small, tightly knit family, and we long to bring in a new member to complete us. My grandparents were my world, and I envision my parents having that same nurturing relationship with my child. As an only child, I value my cousins as some would their siblings. There are only a few of us, so it makes for a closer bond. They, too, are anxious to have a new child to love!

Holidays are always a big deal in my home. We celebrate every one of them with enthusiasm and joy. Even as adults, we still gift each other Easter baskets, and I host an annual Halloween party for all of my friends. (It’s always been my favorite holiday.)
We also do not miss many festivals in and around our state! It’s one of our favorite pastimes to check out a craft fair, antique show, Renaissance festival, or whatever we discover along the way!

 My Home

My home is my oasis. I have it designed to bring comfort and serenity for both relaxation and entertaining. The refreshing pool is where I spend time with friends and family. I like to keep a clean and organized home while still finding time to enjoy the casual mess, like playing with a baby and animal toys scattered throughout the house. I live in a subdivision with tons of children across from a beautiful lake. A swing that hangs from a willow tree in the front yard is awaiting a child to be pushed! I have two dogs and a cat. They swim with us, and we go on long walks in the afternoons. They go everywhere with me and are treated like family as well as getting their own birthday celebrations!

 My Journey to Adoption

My mother was adopted at birth, and this led to my interest in adoption. The notion of adoption has always been present as a possibility one day. As time has passed, life events have placed me in a fortunate position of being financially stable so that I may fully consider what exactly I want most in life. At the same time, a new baby entered my life as a child who I provide daily care for while his parents are working. I can no longer imagine how life was enjoyable without him in it. I am now beyond certain what I would love most. A perfect addition would be a beautiful baby.

 Fun Facts

About Jennifer

  • Education
    College graduate
  • Favorite Hobby
    Painting, gardening
  • Favorite Sport
  • Favorite Music Group
    Twenty-One Pilots
  • Favorite Subject in School
  • Favorite Family Activity
    Swimming and floating

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