Dear Birthmom

How do you put into words what an incredible miracle adoption is? You are about to change so many lives with this one courageous choice. I can’t imagine the emotions you must be feeling when deciding on an adoption plan for your baby, but let me tell you how grateful I am that your path has led to me.

I have been wishing and praying for you to come into my life to make my dream of becoming a mother again come true. I wish I could say all the right things to make this decision easier, but I know that’s impossible. I can, however, promise you this child will be loved and cherished by me each and every day. I can assure you they will know how much you love them and what a courageous decision you made to give them an exceptional life. I promise to give them every possible opportunity so they can flourish in this crazy, big world.

I hope my profile will give you a better idea of who I am: my love for my family, friends, and the water! I have faith you will make the right decision, and I pray I can be a part of it. Please know that no matter your choice, I think what you’re considering is incredible.

Best wishes,

My Story

I am an emergency medicine physician and take great pride in the fact that people put their trust in me. I go to great lengths to always treat people with empathy and respect. I have strong morals and faith. In my free time, I love to spend time with my son and dog, whether going on a new adventure or just spending quality time at home. I like to travel, and some of my favorite places are Disney World and the beach! I grew up spending summers at the lake, and my happy place is anything that involves the water. I have an incredible group of friends we love to spend time with, going to dinner, the zoo, or just a walk around the block. I always have a cup of coffee and take pictures as much as possible!

 My Extended Family

I have lots of cousins locally and in Tennessee. We love to visit them on holidays or weekend getaways. All the kids have fun playing at the park, riding the tractor, or just watching a movie together. I have unfortunately suffered many losses in my family recently, including my mom, who was my best friend and taught me the true meaning of unconditional love.

My friends are a huge part of my extended family and a big support system. I am an only child, and my friends have become my siblings. We spend holidays and birthdays together and raise our kids together. They love my son like their own and look forward to another addition to our family!

 My Home

I live on a beautiful street in the suburbs of Michigan. We have lots of parks nearby and a big backyard with swings and a pool. Michigan is a beautiful place to live with all four seasons to enjoy! We love to spend the summers on the lake and winters playing in the snow. I have a furbaby named Bailey who is an eight-year-old poodle. He loves to play catch in the backyard and cuddle on the couch with us. We all love to go on walks in the evening and play with the other kids on our street!

 My Journey to Adoption

It has always been my dream to become a mother, and I felt adoption was the best option for me. I was given the tremendous honor of becoming a mother in 2019 when I adopted my son. It was an incredible journey, and I am so grateful for him and love being a mommy! I hope to grow our family and welcome another little miracle into our home. My son would be such a great big brother, and I look forward to watching them grow up together.

 Fun Facts

About Alyssa

  • Education
  • Favorite Hobby
    Anything on the water (swimming, boat, snorkeling, jet skis)
  • Favorite Sport
  • Favorite TV Show
    When Calls the Heart, Grey’s Anatomy
  • Favorite Family Activity
    Dance parties, swimming, birthdays

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