Dear Birthmom

This is not an easy journey for either of us, but I trust that you will find the love and support needed to make the decision that is best for you and your little one. I am a kind, loving, and fiercely loyal woman ready to welcome a child into my home and life. As a teacher, I know the benefits of setting routines and structure while allowing freedom for children to follow their own instincts and dreams. I look forward to watching my future child explore the world and decide the life path that is just right for them. If you are reading this, I believe something has sparked an interest for you. I hope you can find peace in whatever decision you make and know that I am cheering you on whatever you decide!

My Story

I approach the world with warmth, curiosity, creativity, and a genuine desire to have meaningful connections with the people and places I interact with. I bring these qualities into teaching and have over 15 years’ experience working with elementary students. I also am deeply committed to nurturing my close relationships with family and friends.

My creative side is best seen in the way I design classroom experiences for my students, and is also infused into the music, food, and craft projects I make and share with others. I pride myself on my openness to the unique and diverse experiences of those I interact with. I enjoy reading, watching documentaries, and listening to podcasts that spark new perspectives of the world around me and inspire personal growth.

 My Extended Family

I have one sister who lives with her wife in Alaska. I am very close to them and see them several times a year. My mom and her husband live in Florida (just a drive away from Disney World), and my dad and his wife live in Illinois. I have aunts, uncles, and cousins in South Carolina, Minnesota, and California and enjoy traveling to see them. As a family, we enjoy playing card and board games, traveling to see new places, hiking and walks, making great food (especially our Italian family recipes), and helping each other with house projects. Fur babies are a part of our hearts, and we have 6+ dogs and 7+ cats within my immediate family.

 My Home

I live in a house in a quiet, well-established neighborhood in Washington State. There are neighbors I have known for over 20 years as well as families with kids, so the community around me feels very safe. The home itself sits on an acre of land with a large yard and woods in the back that connect to a tree farm below. I love watching the wildlife from my windows and back deck, and so does my cat! I am within walking distance to several large parks with trails, sports fields, and playgrounds. The school district is great, with many schools and extra-curricular opportunities. My neighborhood is a quick drive to freeways and a mall, yet it has a nice small-town feel.

 My Journey to Adoption

I have come to adoption after years of IVF and miscarriages. I know the frustration of life not always going the way we’d hoped, but I’ve also learned to continue putting one foot in front of the other and have delighted in unexpected miracles. I know the love I have for my students, for children in extended family and friend groups, and the passion I have for continuing to search for a little one to call my own.

 Fun Facts

About AnnMarie

  • Education
    Bachelor’s in theater arts, Master of Education
  • Favorite Hobby
    Sewing, piano, ice skating, baking
  • Favorite Sport
    Ice skating, hockey, baseball
  • Favorite Music Group
    Lady Gaga, The Beatles
  • Favorite TV Show
    Downton Abbey
  • Favorite Subject in School
  • Favorite Tradition
    Making my Italian family’s sauce and raviolis

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