Dear Birthmom

Dear Expecting Mama,

We are truly so grateful for you; for your bravery and courage in considering the best option for you and your child.

We can’t even begin to imagine all the life moments that led you to where you are today or the roller coaster of emotions/thoughts. We do know that the entire journey makes you an incredibly strong woman.

If you choose us, we can promise; we are going to love him/her with our entire being. Making sure we do everything we can to make sure he/she is taken care of, provided for, listened to, happy, healthy, strong, kind, his/her best self, and loved.

Not only are we excited for this next part of our journey, but our two incredible boys are as well. They are truly looking forward to growing our family and two of the best kids we know!

We know that you have so many decisions to make when it comes to your child’s future, but know that any decision you make will be the right one for you. Trust yourself and know that what you are doing is truly incredible. As much as we want to be part of your journey and hope to have our dreams come true, any family you choose will be truly blessed to have their miracle. Thank you so much for giving the gift of life!

Stephen & Jessica

Our Story

We are easy going, adventurous, empathetic, sarcastic, outgoing, and we love people.

Jess is devoted. She loves meeting new people, she is bubbly, intelligent and kind. She is an elementary school teacher. She loves kids and is amazing at her profession.

Stephen is very hard working, intelligent, funny and sarcastic. He works for a RV company. Jess loves hanging out with friends and family especially nieces for girls night, working out, traveling, and date nights with her amazing husband.

Stephen enjoys hunting, fishing, working out, playing guitar, and hanging out with family. We have two incredible sons. One is 17 and the other almost 16 years old. They have two younger brothers on their mom’s side. They are amazing big brothers and looking forward to our growing family.

 Our Extended Family

Stephen has three siblings: two sisters and a brother. One sister has six children. The other has five children. His brother has three children. Stephen has eight cousins too. We love celebrating things, especially holidays. We have Thanksgiving at one sister's house with everyone and then Christmas at her other sister's house. We usually have a full family football game or wiffle ball game after we eat. We play music together and sing as well.

Jessica has five siblings; 10 nieces and nephews and ten cousins. She is extremely close to her family. We try to get together as often as possible. The summertime we see one another at least once a week; swimming at her parents' pool.

Traditions in our family have changed over the years. Jessica’s mom travels seasonally. The past few years her grandmother has lived with her mom. It is wonderful!

We find any excuse we can to get together and eat! Summertime at the lake is the newest tradition over the past handful of years. We have fun and spend quality time together.

 Our Home

Our house has a fenced in backyard that backs up to a field. Our community is small with an outstanding school district. All schools in the district are very close to our home. There’s constantly something going on in our community. Our boys have been in the district since kindergarten and have incredible friends. There’s a real sense of community. Blythe is our cat who favors Jess. She sounds like a monkey when she meows. Janice is our other cat who loves to cuddle. Motley’s a five month old boxer. She is crazy, loving, and very well behaved. Watson is our almost two year old German ShortHaired Pointer. He is so sweet, chill, loving, and the best listener. We have voices for our animals and talk for our pets as a family. It's one of our favorite things to do!

 Our Journey to Adoption

Once married in 2019, it was time to grow our family. We had two failed rounds of IVF. We were devastated and heartbroken. Stopping at that point didn’t seem right or fair, but we knew that we needed time to heal, process, and trust God to point us in the right direction. After some time we both wanted to adopt. Everything along this journey we don’t completely understand but has made us better humans and more prepared to be ready for growing our family. We are blessed and so excited to adopt the missing piece to our puzzle. We have many friends/family/colleagues who have adopted and they are part of this journey with us. We are so excited to adopt!

 Fun Facts

About Jessica

Bachelor Degree Elementary Education
Favorite Hobby
Working out, sitting outside with family, hanging with our boys, family walks, reading, and the occasional binge watching shows.
Favorite Sport
Volleyball & Football
Favorite Music Group
All music!
Favorite TV Show
Modern Family & How I Met Your Mother
Favorite Subject in School
Favorite Tradition
blueberry picking & Family Game Nights or ‘Themed Nights’ or ‘Themed Months’ Hearts on doors for the month of February

About Stephen

High School Diploma
Favorite Hobby
Hunting, fishing, music, working out, running, family time
Favorite Sport
Martial Arts & Football
Favorite Music Group
Blink 182 & Brothers Osborn
Favorite TV Show
Modern Family
Favorite Subject in School
Favorite Tradition
eating cake in bed as a family on our wedding anniversary

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